how do you design an office for companies with employees of all ages?

that’s the question addressed by verda and primo in the june issue of contract magazine (see page 98).  while the hot trends in design cater to the open-plan, hard-wired-for-tech tastes of creative 20-somethings, a more nuanced approach takes care not to alienate generation x-ers and baby boomers.

“the transition has to be navigated carefully as each generation has its own work style…” our co-founders write. “part of the solution is to make sure the new design is specific to the culture of the company so that the workplace clearly conveys the firm’s values– not just to its clients but also to its employees… people also like options.  the next step is to design a wide variety of environments, so that everyone, regardless of their work style, can find places that meet their needs.”

that’s been a guiding principle of our design philosophy from the beginning.  it continues to serve us well…

(photo by jasper sanidad)