Lots of interesting press this winter…

In December Contract Magazine ran an 8-page spread on Aol’s West Coast HQ.  “The change has been dramatic,” writer Lydia Lee quotes Aol VP of Strategic Initiatives Trent Herren. “Our old workspace was very quiet and dark.  Here there is a lot more collaboration, it’s so bright and roomy, there’s just a lot more energy.”

Also in December our client Evernote was named Company of the Year by Inc. Magazine.  David H. Freedman quotes Evernote founder Phil Libin: “Our test for whether we should build something is:  Will 100 million people use it right away.”  With 15 million-plus users already on board the company will be moving steadily toward that goal in new offices designed by us.

In the February issue of Diablo Magazine Primo and Verda’s home in Orinda, designed in the 1970s by modernist architect David Boone, is featured.  Justin Goldman quotes Primo on the clean aesthetic of the house:  “It’s interesting that people try to connect the house to the work.  To us this was a great design.  And we’re attracted to design and art… We do kind of live as we design.”

Above:  Orinda home

Photo by Jasper Sanidad