See Designers in the Wild. SFDW!

O+A opened up its office again to all who have wondered where and how those great workplace designs get hatched. It was SF Design Week!

Once again O+A is a must-see stop on the Studio Crawl!

We are glad you had the chance to see:

  • + The Food for Thought Truck, O+A’s latest design experiment and work in progress: a mobile design lab soon to hit the road in California.
  • + Original art by O+A artists. Our staff is multi-talented and born to schmooze.
  • + O+A’s workshop with pin-ups, process and photos of projects past, present and future.
  • + We’ve been making video selfies for years.
  • + Food and beer. Design may be fleeting, but food and beer are forever.
  • In case you missed it, here is a short video of the event!

Phase Two of O+A’s SF Design Week celebration is our Book Signing event.

It unfolds on Thursday,June14  at Kimball’s San Francisco showroom, 330 Pine Street, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. Primo’s latest product design will be on display—it’s Canopy, Kimball’s all-purpose, super-adaptable, sit-to-stand workstation, a workspace that functions like a microcosmic office.

Primo and Verda will be on hand to tell stories of O+A’s early days and sign copies of Studio O+A: Twelve True Tales of Workplace Design, the irreverent new book from FRAME Publishers. Come by for the furniture, for the talk, for the book—and stick around for the food and beer.

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